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Welcome!, and thank you for looking up the Seashells Australia webpage.

My name is Trevor Sutcliffe, and I have been diving for seashells since 1958. I am the longest established and one of the most successful shell divers in Australia, and many of the world's best collections contain specimens supplied by me.

Western Australia is renouned for its endemic Cypraeidae, which are my speciality, but in my persuit of Zoila and other cowries, I also personally collect other marine molluscs: cones, murex, haliotis, cypraea, cassis, turbans, harps, pectens and volutes.

This catalogue lists over 700 different species of seashells in 47 genusus most favoured by both the beginner and advanced shell collector. Univalve and bivalve gastropods are all there, and include the popular: Altivasum, Argonauta, Cardita, Cassis, Conidae, Harpidae, Muricidae, Olividae, Pectenidae, and Turbinidae.

The list also includes species from all parts of Australia and the world.

Photographs of special individual shells can be seen in the Gallery. As Zoila is my speciality, the majority of shells shown are of that genus, but others are included from time to time. Just click on the Gallery, and see what is currently on offer.

Browse through the whole catalogue, or just key in your special interest, and you are sure to find what you want. If not, ask me and I will make every effort to supply what you are looking for.

3 Gunee Road, City Beach, Western Australia, 6015
Phone: 61 8 93858084
Mobile: 0428 858 084



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