Please note with regard to antique furniture that completely removing the original polish from a piece decreases the value of that piece as the accumulated polish known as patina, over a hundred plus years, is part of the antiquity of a piece of furniture so returning it to new condition thus reduces the value.

I can, as an antique restorer revamp and enhance the original polish without completely stripping but if required will restore to new condition by completely removing the old polish and redoing the french polish.

Some pieces of course have deteriorated to such an extent that a complete refurbishing is required.

Peter Berger

English Furniture Periods

Queen Anne: 1702-1760

Georgian: 1714-1800

Regency: 1800-1837

Victorian: 1837-1901

Edwardian: 1901-1914

French Furniture Periods

Louis XV1: 1760-1789

Directoire: 1789-1804

Empire: 1804-1815

Restoration: 1815-1830

Louis Philippe: 1830-1848

Second Empire: 1848-1870

Art Nouveau: 1889-1925

Art Deco: 1925-1935


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